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Be Our Ambassador

Why Do We Need Your Help?

Akebulan needs help both to raise awareness of the cause and to raise funds for our work by attending events to talk about our work and encourage others to get involved in fundraising activity.

Akebulan Ambassadors play a vital role in representing the organization at local events and functions, speaking the importance of the funds our supporters raise. This is a really important role as it helps us to reach new people, inspire new fundraising activity,

What will I be doing?
This is a varied role and you could do one, or all, of the following activities:

– Run fundraising campaigns to raise fund to support the work of Akebulan. You can raise funds through an online campaign, organizing a fundraising event, or fundraising at your local church, college, your birthday party, sports event, music concert/event and more

-Helping to recruit other supporters or well-wishers for Akebulan.

-Promoting our Child Sponsorship program

– Helping to promote our Sustainability solution programs

– Identifying and developing potential fundraising opportunities in your local community.

-Distributing promotional materials to interested people.

– Inspiring others to hold fundraising events to support the activities of Akebulan.

– Praying for the work of Akebulan

– Raise awareness about Akebulan Childcare and Development Foundation in Uganda and our work through talking to family and friends on social media.

– Fundraising and Support

You could do one, or all, of the following project/programs:

• Childcare and sponsorship (Needs for orphans and vulnerable children)

• The Kindergarten school Project (for quality education and income generation)

• Education (raise funds for school fees and scholastic materials of vulnerable children)

• Clean and safe Water Project (disadvantaged community)

• Economic empowerment and microfinance (Empowering women and child mothers)

• HIV prevention (raise funds for workshop to reduce new HIV infection)

• Agriculture (raise funds to support commerical farming for income sustainability and food security)

• Promoting Personal Hygiene in school girls (provide sanitary pad)

• Spirituality ministry (funds for evangelism conferences, support with Bibles and church construction)

• Sponsor Events for Kids (Christmas Party for orphans and vulnerable children)

What skills/experience do I need?

• Confident public speaker with excellent communication skills

• Organizational skills

• Reliable, innovative and self confidence

• A personal and friendly manner

• Flexibility to be called upon when needed

• An ability to use your own initiative and to work unsupervised

How much of my time would you like?
This is a flexible role and the times is only determined by that much efforts you putting to meet a particular target.

How will I be trained?

• You educate your self about our work or the particular cause you will want to support on our website.

• You can also request for more information if need be. You will have a member of staff as Immediate contact who will support you and answer any queries you have any time.

• You will be given any information or material necessary to do out your role. This also includes an official email address.

What can I gain from volunteering with you?

The satisfaction of knowing that you are making a valuable contribution to the lives of the most disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups affected by; malnutrition, illitracy, poverty, child labour, HIV, Malaria, school drop out due to hygiene sanitary pads, early pregnancy, Water related diseases, and more other. Utilizing your existing skills as well as developing and learning new ones Akebulan Childcare and Development Foundation will act as a referee for your role and whenever needed.

Where will I be based?

This role will be done within your country (local area). It includes creating links with people, church, university or any other organization in your area and other countries to support the work of Akebulan.

How do I apply?


Roman Mugalya Mutono,

Executive Director,

Tell: +256 756000060


Or Write to:

Akebulan Childcare and Development Foundation,

Igamba ward, Gulume road, Northern division, Iganga district,

Uganda, Africa