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Support Our Capital Investment,

We're Helping Hand On,

Support our Chappati and Rolex Stall Project to create sustainable income source for Akebulan.

Expected Out Come
1. Sustainable daily income profit, $145 each day as well as capital still running
2. More vulnerable children being sponsored, 50 and above
3. More community people employed, 50 local people
4. More orphans and vulnerable children educated, 50 and above
5. Increased funds to buy enough nutrient food and basic home use needs for disadvantaged children
6. More additional capital investment income source project.

Uganda is considered as one of the growing economies in Africa, leading to considerable reduction in poverty. However, as one travels across the country, it becomes evident that growth of the economy is not necessarily translated into equitable living standards; According to World Bank report of February 10th, 2021, there have been widespread firm closures, permanent layoffs in industry and services, a rapid slowdown of activity particularly in the urban informal sector, and a movement of labor back to farming due to COVID-19. Household incomes have also fallen, which is concerning given the high levels of vulnerability to poverty, limited social safety nets. 83% of 10-year-olds cannot read and understand a simple text by the end of primary school due to poor quality of Education. Under nutrition is high and stunting affects 29% of children in Uganda aged 5 years and below. The refugee population has tripled since July 2016 and is currently around 1.4million, making it largest refugee host in Africa and third in the world.

Akebulan has long been committed to supporting means that foster promotion of better living standards of orphans and other vulnerable children and making significant community transition.
Chapatti and Rolex stall business project is an opportunity for Akebulan to transform more lives and bring guaranted hope to orphans and other disadvantaged children in Uganda. With your support of $50 or any amount will support Akebulan to raise $12,540 needed to open and operate 50 Chapatti and Rolex stalls business in Uganda. The profit and extra donation will be recycled back into the business to expand our capacity to reach more 50 vulnerable children, widows, more disabled persons, create more capital investment and give jobs to more 50 local people in the community to live a better slef-sustaining every day. Break the cycle of over dependency and living on hand-outs. The Chapatti and Rolex business project will not only trasform and bring hope just to orphans and other vulnerable children but also to widows, disabled people and help to create significant transformation in the entire community.

All our donors and partners will be receiving operation and progressive reports including but not limited to financial reports, impact and photos thrice a year. And frequent update through our weekly and monthly news letter.
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