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Take a trip to Uganda


A trip to Uganda is not a usual trip “Visit and Experience”. It is a “Visit to have a direct feel of the beautiful African flora and fauna you have never experienced in other countries”. A type of trip to the Pearl of Africa, to have awesome holiday and adventure.

This trip is a chance to discover and set a foundation for future business opportunities in Africa

What do I need to take a trip?

a). Review and fill the application, attach requirements

b). Have a valid passport.

c). Raise $3,000 cost of airfare, meals, and housing or accommodation at Akebulan.

d). Get the required vaccination and medications required to travel to Uganda


Volunteer or Intern, The program is designed in a way that foreign students in high school, college and universities will be hosted for 3 weeks by Akebulan in Uganda to volunteer or intern. Individuals or groups (none students) are also hosted for a certain period to volunteer in Uganda. The students and individuals/groups will get a chance to interact with the African people, learn about the different rich African culture and languages, Also get a chance to do for others, meet and create relationship with our incredible team, meet with community people and see how Akebulan is transforming the lives of most vulnerable orphans and disadvantaged people in community.

Be our Ambassador

Be our ambassador in your country, help us pass our message to people in your country and

Organize fundraising events to support our operations