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Impact and Track Experience

Akebulan childcare and development foundation has long been committed to supporting activities that foster promotion of better living standards for less privileged children and vulnerable people. The successful childcare support including but not limited to; education (related to paying school fees, uniform cost, socks, shoes, books, pens and others), feeding, shelter, beddings, clothing, medicine/healthcare, and livelihood skills development related to backyard farming, hand-sewing hygiene sanitary pad trainings, spiritual growth related to fostering an environment of open communication, biblical devotion, and other basic necessities has changed lives of the first 10 disadvantaged children and other underprivileged people..

In brief, the organization has made a significant contribution in several areas, ranging from early childhood development, economic empowerment and household income generation, HIV/AIDs prevention, menstrual hygiene, advocacy, quality education, livelihood skills, health, spirituality growth, agriculture education, food support, housing and human rights. In all case, the focus has been on the disadvantaged children and marginalized groups. Apparently Akebulan is now supporting twenty (20) underprivileged children, with school fees, scholastic materials, money for meals, clothing, shoes, uniforms and other requirement

Childcare Support

  • We provide daily basic needs to children which include; shelter, feeding, beddings, medicine, school fees, shoes, books, pens, uniforms, socks, money for meals at school and other school requirements
  • Early childhood development and spiritual growth through counseling and bible studies other vulnerable people;
  • School visits to follow up children’s performances at school.
  • Children skills development and hygiene; train them to make sanitary pad and backyard farming.
  • Orientation and training to community on children’s rights, entitlement, benefits and others
  • Children training on domestic work; cooking, cleaning, washing and other house work
  • Homes visits to guardian’s home for regular supervision and monitoring of children’s progress
  • Provide child friendly environment to support the children at early age for their physical, mental, emotional and social development

Relief Support and Basic needs

  • We provide social basic necessities; food, clothing, medicine, counseling, psycho-social support and other basic needs to most needy households
  • donation of Christmas, Easter and new year gifts to needy persons and families which includes; food, bread, sugar, soap, cards, money, drinks and others necessities

Spiritual Ministry

Spiritual development through bible studies and intercession meetings every Friday of each week We share tea, coffee and bread with community members after bible lessons and intercessions which signify the love of Jesus and also encouraging more to attend bible lessons every Friday. We preach the gospel by loving the disadvantaged persons in such a way that demands a gospel explanation

Community awareness on household spiritual growth and its importance among family and community members

Community gospel lessons through door to door spiritual teachings distribution of bibles and teachings to community

Agriculture Education and Food

  • distribution of seedlings to needy households and other farmers
  • community trainings on homestead farming to grow adequate food
  • Trainings on commercial farming trainings related to livestock farming, coffee plantation
  • Sensitize the community to grow and stock adequate food for their families

Economic empowerment and household income

We give small capital to widows, child mothers and disadvantaged young people necessary to start small businesses and also promote household income generating activities

Formal Education support;

-Children’s formal school admission
-Quality education for children which includes; paying school fees, and other school requirements
-Community awareness on girl child education through persuasive messages to parents and guardians
-School and community sensitization on dangers of early pregnancy and school dropout

Livelihood Skills development

Skills training which includes; hand and machine sewing training, cooking, household work, Hygiene sanitary pad hand sewing/making, Backyard farming..

workshop with guardians and other community people on mindset trainings to communities

Health care and HIV/AIDs prevention

Motivation, sensitization and counseling to people living with HIV and AIDs Community awareness on dangers and high infections of HIV/AIDs, this to reduce new HIV infections

We provide counseling, food and transport support to persons living with HIV and develop linkage with health center for them to receive their medicines

Community and school outreach sensitization on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

We provide medicine and treatment to most vulnerable children under our care.

Menstrual Hygiene

Training on hand-sewing hygiene sanitary pads making

Training on low cost sanitary pad manufacturing

Providing hygiene sanitary pads to school going children.

Awareness; manners, hygiene, sexual health


Equality in basic social and economic services

Fundamental human rights and child protection

Gender equality in social protection