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To build a developed community in which everyone can live a better self-sustaining everyday life.


To provide individual’s livelihood opportunities, social protection, economic empowerment, spiritual and skills development, and other socio-economic services related to education, shelter, feeding, clothing, clean and safe water, healthcare, and early childhood development programs to enhance the quality of people’s lives and accelerate the community’s transition to sustainable development


-be a Non-government and charitable organisation providing basic necessities related to food, shelter, clothing, clean and safe water, education, healthcare, and others for a better daily living of disadvantaged children and other vulnerable people;

-provide early childhood development services to disadvantaged children in communities;

-promote spiritual development and missionary activities in the communities;

-promote commercial agriculture and household farming in the community

-provide high-quality education and livelihood skills development to vulnerable people;

-contribute to provision of safe and clean water in disadvantaged communities

-represent and advocate for social protection services of vulnerable people

-do all such other things as are incidental to the attainment of those objectives.


We Believe…

-In the potential power of the poor, marginalized and rural people to own and participate actively in development initiatives within their community.

-In equal opportunity for men and women in society irrespective of class, age, ethnic, nation, culture or religion.

-In basic human rights and freedom of expression, movement and choice for all.

-promote commercial agriculture and household farming in the community

-In social harmony and development free from communal bias.

-In sustainability investment to generate 100% local funding to our activities budget

Issues of Interest

-Orphans, street and underprivileged children

-Rights of children, widows, people living with HIV, refuges and persons with disabilities

-Children’s Education

-Skills development

-Agriculture education, food security and nutrition

-Economic empowerment for women and underprivileged people

-Spreading the holy gospel and spiritual development

-Housing for less privileged groups

-Rural and suburb poverty,

-HIV/AIDs prevention


-Clean and Safe water

Our Values

-Integrity, Equality, Transparency and Accountability, Passion, Trustworthy, God-reliant, Creativity, Excellence, Resilience, Effective and Cost efficiency