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Skills Development

There is high rate of unemployment and poverty in Uganda, and this is due to education system where most of the learning years, children are mainly taught theories in schools instead of practical skills,
Our Livelihood Skills Development program tackles the issue of unemployment and practical skills
We are providing livelihood practical skills to disadvantaged community people and inspiring them to be job creators and entrepreneurs,
The skills includes tailoring, hand sewing, cooking, sanitary pad hand sewing, back yard farming, livestock farming and other livelihood skills


Join Us to Build Vocational and Technical skills training center

our Vocational and Technical skills training center will serve as one of the largest practical skills training center in Uganda that will equip tailoring, knitting, hand-sewing, craft, art, design, mechanics, plumbing, building, catering and other skills to widows, child mothers, school drop-outs, our vulnerable children and other private sponsored groups of any age

-It will help us to generate sustainability income from private sponsored students (children), and this will enable us to generate income for our sustainability and breaking cycle of overdendency