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Support Our Sustainability Programs

Invest in our sustainability programs to help us break the over dependency cycle; Commitment; Akebulan is committed to building a developed community in which everyone can live a better self-sustaining everyday life by establishing a Nursery and Primary school, Health center, Vocational school, Agriculture farm, Church, cafe and Microfinance that enhances the quality of lives of disadvantaged people and increasing their potential to shape their-own future through improving their access to equal livelihood opportunities; quality education, social protection, economic empowerment, non-profitable loans, quality health care, food security, business venture, spiritual growth, skills development, and other social services related to education, shelter, feeding, clothing, clean and safe water, healthcare, and early childhood development programs

Our Sustainability Solutions

-Invest in building our Nursery school (pre-primary school); this will help us generate income from private sponsored children that will support our daily activities, Provide quality education to our disadvantage children and the community

-Invest in construction of the Vocational school and High school; this will enable us to train livelihood skills which includes tailoring, knitting, hand-sewing, craft, art, design, mechanics, plumbing, building, catering and other skills to widows, child mothers, school drop-outs, our children and other private groups

-It will help us to generate sustainability income from private sponsored children (students), tailoring, hand-sewing, and art and design products

-Invest in our commercial agriculture farming by buying land and seedlings for commercial farming and food security which include; livestock farming, food crop growing and others

-Commercial farming will help us to get money for sustainability income generation,

-Also to cultivate food to feed our children and disadvantaged families, this will help us to reduce on money we spend daily on buying food, Seed harvest, stocking and distribution, Be a model farm for mindset training and agriculture education; to train community members on modern farming.


-Invest in our Microfinance; this will enable us to provide loans without interest to disadvantaged persons who cannot access bank loans to start income generating activities

-Support disadvantaged households with more capital to promote their small income generating businesses

Café; invest in our café business to generate sustainability income generation


Invest in building of our health center; the medical center will help us generate income from private sponsored patients,

-Help us to reduce money we spend on children’s daily health care

-Provide daily health care to disadvantage persons and the community


-Invest in building the house of the Lord; this will help us to teach the gospel to his people, those who have ever heard and accepted him but need encouragement and to those who have ever heard but not yet accepted him as their creator and savior

-Spiritual lessons, counseling and growth to our children

– Spiritual discipleship; spreading the holy gospel and spiritual development